Recurring Payments

Your Pin Payments dashboard allows you to charge your customers on a recurring basis. This is useful for regular delivery services, software subscriptions, and many other types of business.

In this guide

  1. Creating a plan
  2. Subscribing a customer to your plan
  3. Sending customers a self-serve subscription page
  4. Using our API

Creating a plan

The first step is to create a plan for your customers to subscribe to.

Log in to your Pin Payments dashboard, and visit the recurring section. This section lists all the recurring payment plans you have created. To create your first plan click the “New Plan” button.

Specifying basic plan details

Give your plan a meaningful, recognisable name. This name will be shown to your customers when they subscribe to your plan, and whenever their subscription renews.

Enter the recurring plan fee, and the currency. This currency is used for any additional fees associated with this plan, such as setup and trial fees.

Choose the billing schedule by specifying a number and interval (day, week, month, or year). This allows you to specify common recurring billing cycles — like fortnightly, or monthly plans — or more custom schedules.

New plan

Advanced options

By clicking the “Show Advanced Options” button, you can customise your plan further.

Setup fee

A setup fee allows you to add a once–off fee when a customer first subscribes. This setup fee is added to the regular plan fee on the customer’s first bill. If there is a trial period, the setup fee is charged after the customer’s trial has ended.

Trial period

Optionally include a trial period at the start of a subscription. When a customer subscribes to a plan with a trial, they do not pay the regular subscription fee (or setup fee, if set) until the end of the trial. A trial fee can optionally be set, charged to the customer at the start of the trial.

At the end of a trial, the customer is subscribed to the plan and billed, unless the subscription is cancelled before the end of the trial.

Subscribing a customer to your plan

To subscribe a customer to the plan, visit the customers section of your dashboard. If you do not have any customers on file, you can click the “New Customer” button to securely store a customer’s billing information, for future charges and subscriptions.

Once you have a customer in your dashboard ready to be subscribed to your plan, click on that customer to view their full details, including any subscriptions they have.

To subscribe the customer to your plan, click the “+ Add Subscription” button.

Subscribe customer

You will see a list of all the plans you have created. In this example, we will select the new plan we created earlier in this guide. With the desired plan selected, click the “Subscribe customer” button.

Choose subscription

The customer will be subscribed to the plan, and will receive a confirmation email. Unless the plan includes a free trial, the customer will be billed immediately.

The customer’s subscription details will then be displayed. This details screen shows a full billing history and status for the current customer’s subscription.


Sending customers a self-serve subscription page

Customers can also subscribe themselves to your plans using our hosted subscription page. A link to subscribe to the plan can be included on your website, sent via email, or otherwise shared.

To view the link for a hosted subscription page, visit the plans section, and click on the relevant plan.

Subscription link

You can share this link with your customers, or link to it from your website. Customers who follow this link can securely enter their billing details and subscribe themselves to your plan:

Subscription page

Once the customer fills in their billing details and clicks subscribe, their subscription will be created.

You will receive a copy of the subscription confirmation email sent to the customer, and a corresponding webhook event will also be created.

Using our API

You can integrate recurring payments directly with our API, using the Customers, Plans, and Subscriptions APIs.

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