Point of Sale

Accept card payments in-person.

Pin Payments Point of Sale is a web–based system for accepting card payments in retail and trade situations. It’s designed to be a simple and portable alternative to traditional hardware card terminals.

Getting Point of Sale

If you have an activated Pin Payments accounts, then you’re ready to take POS payments — just point your phone to pos.pinpayments.com

It you’re new to Pin Payments, take a moment to set up your account now. Everything you need is included, and it works with your exising bank account.


If your device is left in a public space (for example, an iPad on a cafe counter), you can choose to lock your POS when you’re away.

When you return just enter your email.

Taking Payments

  1. Enter the amount
  2. Enter the card details (CVC is the short number on the back of the card)
  3. Tap “Pay”

You’re done! Any problems (e.g. a mistake with the card number) will be highlighted in red. The minimum transaction size is one dollar, and the maximum is $1,000.


After charging your customer, offer them an online receipt via email or text. You can choose to print to any wireless printer if you prefer to issue paper receipts.

To send your receipts, tap the share icon (on an iPhone this is in the middle at the bottom), then send to your customer’s phone or email.