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Then a simple fee each time you process a payment.

  1. Accept payments with Visa
  2. Accept payments with Mastercard
  3. Accept payments with American Express
  4. Accept payments with JCB
  5. Accept payments with Discover, Diners Club International and over 25 alliance partners including RuPay, BC Card, Elo, Troy, and many more.
  6. Accept payments with Discover, Diners Club International and over 25 alliance partners including RuPay, BC Card, Elo, Troy, and many more.
  7. Accept payments with Apple Pay
  8. Accept payments with Google Pay

Domestic transactions

Domestic cards from
1.75% + 30c
International cards
2.9% + 30c
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Foreign currency transactions

AUD Settlement (Default)
2.9% + 30c
Foreign currency transaction fee
Conversion fee
Domestic Settlement

Sell in multiple currencies. Foreign currencies are processed at 2.9% + 30c, and converted to AUD at a retail foreign exchange rate premium of 1.7% for transfer.

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Foreign Settlement

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Contact us to learn about foreign settlement options in New Zealand.

3.9% + 30c
Transaction fee
No conversion fee
Foreign Settlement

Sell and receive payments in a foreign currency. Transactions are processed at 3.9% + 30c and are transferred to you in that currency, without conversion.

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Third party transfers

When transferring funds from your Pin Payments account to a third party bank account using our Payouts APIs, a 30c fee is applied.

Transfers initiated to your own bank account are not subject to this fee.

Third party transfer fee



A dispute is when a card holder disputes a sale that has been paid by credit-card. The dispute is raised when they contact their card-issuing bank, who then contact Pin Payments via our card acquiring bank.

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If a dispute is raised and awarded to the cardholder, an administration fee of $25 applies. No fee applies for disputes you successfully contest.

Administration fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to process a refund?
No, it does not cost you any additional fees to process a refund.
Is GST included in transaction fees?
Yes, the transaction fees you pay are inclusive of GST.
Do you offer a special Not–for–Profit rate?
Yes, we offer a discounted transaction rate for registered Not–for–Profit organisations. Contact our sales team for more information.
Am I locked in to a contract?
No, there are no lock–in contracts, minimum processing amounts, or fees associated with signing up to Pin Payments.
Have another question? Feel free to contact us.

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