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Card Schemes

Domestic transactions

Domestic cards from
1.75% + 30c
International cards
2.9% + 30c
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Foreign currency transactions

AUD Settlement (Default)
2.9% + 30c
Foreign currency transaction fee
Conversion fee
Domestic Settlement

Sell in multiple currencies. Foreign currencies are processed at 2.9% + 30c, and converted to AUD at a retail foreign exchange rate premium of 1.7% for transfer.

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Foreign Settlement

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3.9% + 30c
Transaction fee
No conversion fee
Foreign Settlement

Sell and receive payments in a foreign currency. Transactions are processed at 3.9% + 30c and are transferred to you in that currency, without conversion.

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Third party transfers

When transferring funds from your Pin Payments account to a third party bank account using our Payouts APIs, a 30c fee is applied.

Transfers initiated to your own bank account are not subject to this fee.

Third party transfer fee



A dispute is when a card holder disputes a sale that has been paid by credit-card. The dispute is raised when they contact their card-issuing bank, who then contact Pin Payments via our card acquiring bank.

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If a dispute is raised and awarded to the cardholder, an administration fee of $25 applies. No fee applies for disputes you successfully contest.

Administration fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to process a refund?
No, it does not cost you any additional fees to process a refund.
Is GST included in transaction fees?
Yes, the transaction fees you pay are inclusive of GST.
Do you offer a special Not–for–Profit rate?
Yes, we offer a discounted transaction rate for registered Not–for–Profit organisations. Contact our sales team for more information.
Am I locked in to a contract?
No, there are no lock–in contracts, minimum processing amounts, or fees associated with signing up to Pin Payments.
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