Xero Online Invoicing

Each Pin Payments account includes a Xero add-on that enables you to offer customers the option of paying Xero invoices using their credit card online.

After configuring the Pin Payments add-on to work with your Xero account, each invoice that you send to a customer will include a Pay Now button. If your customer opts to use this method to pay the invoice, a transaction will be processed via your Pin Payments account, the invoice in Xero marked as being paid and funds settled to your bank account just like any other transaction in your Pin Payments account.

Xero Invoice

Activate Pin Payments with Xero

  1. Log in to your Pin Payments account and navigate to Account > Xero.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Xero account to your Pin Payments account.
  3. All Xero invoices will now include a Pay Now button.

Pass on a surcharge

Some businesses may prefer to ask that their customer pays the credit card processing fees where they choose card as their payment method.

If you enable this setting in your Pin Payments account, a surcharge will be added to the total amount your customer pays. The surcharge equals the exact amount of what your Pin Payments processing fees are for this transaction. The result is that you receive the full amount of the invoice when Pin Payments settles the funds to your bank account.

We recommend you include a comment in your Xero invoice template advising your customer that if they choose to pay with credit card, a card processing surcharge will be added.