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Dashboard Charges

Your Pin Payments dashboard allows you to charge your customers’ payment cards, using your computer or smartphone.

In this guide

  1. Creating a Charge
  2. Processing an Authorisation
  3. Capturing an Authorisation
  4. Advanced payment options

Creating a Charge

There are a couple of ways to create a new charge once you have signed in to your dashboard.

  1. The “New Charge” button is accessible from the left sidebar throughout the dashboard.
  2. If you are in the Charges area of your dashboard, the “New Charge” button is on the header in the top right.
New charge button locations

On the Create a Charge screen, enter details for the charge, including the amount, currency, and billing information.

Creating a new charge

Once you have entered the details for the charge, click “Create Charge” to process the transaction, and immediately capture the funds from your customer’s payment card.

Processing an Authorisation

There may be occasions where you want to place a temporary hold of funds on your customer’s payment card, with the option to collect the funds later. This is referred to as an Authorisation.

Once you’ve entered the charge details, click “Show Advanced Options” and select “Authorise Only”.

Selecting to authorise a charge only

Once selected, click “Create Charge” to process an authorisation.

Capturing an Authorisation

Authorisations are a temporary hold of funds on the customer’s payment card. In order to receive funds, you need to capture the charge within 5 business days. Authorisations that are not captured within this window are voided, and the funds are released back to the customer.

When viewing a charge which has only been authorised, you will be prompted to capture the funds for the charge:

A charge which has only been authorised

If the hold was temporary and you do not intend to collect the funds authorised, allow the charge to void.

If you wish to capture funds for the charge, click “Capture Charge”.

A charge successfully captured

You will receive a message indicating the charge was captured successfully, and the funds will be transferred to you according to your settlement schedule.

Advanced payment options


Surcharging passes the card processing fees on to your customer.

Surcharging is not currently available for charges created through the dashboard. You can use your included Payment Page or our Xero integration to pass on card processing fees to your customer.

Storing customer payment information

Charges in dashboard are intended for one-off transactions. If you plan on charging a customer again in the future, read our Customers Guide for instructions on securely storing customer payment details to use for subsequent charges.

Recurring Payments

For situations where you want to bill customers on a scheduled or recurring basis—such as every fortnight or month—refer to our Recurring Payments Guide for details on setting up recurring payment plans, and subscribing your customers to those plans.

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