How can we protect our business from disputes?

Whilst there's no sure way of avoiding disputes from cardholders, there are some things you can do to better protect your business from being exposed to them in the first place.

Beware of unusual transaction activity

If you receive an order far above your usual amount, investigate the details a little further. Abnormal behaviour can suggest the customer is trying to purchase with stolen credit cards.

Open communication with your customers

Try to resolve a complaint directly with a customer before they consider disputing the charge with their bank.

Accurate statement description

Ensure the business name in your Pin Payments account is what your customers would expect to see on their card statement.

Proof of purchase and delivery

Ensure that you retain proof of sale, delivery and any communications that you have with your customer. This will be vital for challenging disputes.

Verify customer before shipping

Before shipping expensive purchases, pick-up the phone and speak with your customer or use Easy Card Authentication to verify they're the true cardholder.

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