Know your customers. Stay protected.

Chargeback anxiety — the struggle is real.

You don’t need us to tell you how frustrating fraudulent transactions and chargebacks are. Especially if you’ve just shipped a costly product like clothes, electronics, car parts or any other high-value equipment. Once you’ve released the goods, the chances of getting them returned after a chargeback are close to zero, even if the fraudsters get caught.

Not only are your products lost and your sales revenue forfeited, but getting involved in too many chargebacks can result in your business being flagged as high-risk by your payments provider.

Although there’s no way to eliminate chargebacks and card fraud altogether, we can give you an easy way to help prevent it.

Card authentication is easier than ever

Our easy card authentication, built in consultation with Mastercard, quickly verifies that your customer is genuine before you ship their order. Here’s how it works:

  • Your customer pays for a product.
  • We include a short random code on the charge description on their bank statement.
  • You ask your customer for the code.
  • You enter this code into your Pin Payments dashboard.
  • We do our usual fraud scan to ensure the transaction is legitimate.
  • Your customer is verified and you can release the goods with peace of mind.
“We are super happy with Easy Card Authentication as it has saved us a lot of chargebacks and losses”
Alex, Watch Direct

Of course this feature isn’t suitable as a default aspect of your payment process. It’s designed to be used for orders that you may not feel confident fulfilling without verifying further.

An essential tool to help prevent fraud

While you can’t avoid fraud altogether, enabling preventative measures can have a significant impact, even if it helps prevent just one case of fraud. Furthermore, if you do face a chargeback, you’ll be asked to gather evidence regarding the transaction — demonstrating this step will help prove your diligence as a merchant.

With no additional costs, using card authentication is just one tiny step and a three-digit code towards giving you assurance and added peace of mind.

Protecting your business is that easy.

Switch to Pin Payments today to take advantage of this great feature.

If you're an existing customer and don't see the "verify customer" button on your charges, simply contact us to enable easy card authentication on your account.