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Node.js Libraries

Accepting credit card payments with Node.js

The following example uses Pin.js by Thomas Davis:

  amount: 400,
  description: 'test charge',
  email: 'roland@pinpayments.com',
  ip_address: '',
  card: {
    number: 5520000000000000,
    expiry_month: '05',
    expiry_year: 2013,
    cvc: 123,
    name: 'Roland Robot',
    address_line1: '42 Sevenoaks St',
    address_city: 'Lathlain',
    address_postcode: 6454,
    address_state: 'WA',
    address_country: 'AU'
}, function (error, response, body) {

Node.js libraries compatible with Pin Payments:

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