Elixir Libraries

Accepting credit card payments with Elixir

The following example uses PINXS by Hotdoc:

order = Order.create(#...)

card = %Card{
  number: "5520000000000000",
  expiry_month: "12",
  expiry_year: "20",
  name: "Rubius Hagrid",
  address_line1: "The Game Keepers Cottage",
  address_city: "Hogwarts",
  address_country: "England",
  cvc: "321"

charge = %Charge{
  email: "hagrid@hogwarts.wiz",
  description: "Dragon eggs",
  ip_address: "",
  amount: 50000,
  card: card

with {:ok, created_order} <- Repo.insert(order),
     {:ok, created_charge} <- Charge.create(charge),
     {:ok, paid_order} <- Order.mark_paid(created_order, created_charge),
     {:ok, _email} <- Mailer.send("receipt", created_charge),
     {:ok, _email} <- Mailer.send("notify_fulfullment_team", order)
do   {:ok, created_order}

  {:error, %Changeset{} = changeset} ->
    # response appropriately to changeset error
  {:error, %PinError{error_code: "insufficient_funds"}} ->
    Mailer.send("order_failed", charge)
  {:error, other} ->
    # handle some other error
  error ->
    Logger.error("Some unknown error: #{IO.inspect(error)}")

Elixir libraries compatible with Pin Payments:

Pin Payments acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, water and community.
We pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and to Elders past and present.