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Reconciling transfers to your bank account

The proceeds for a day's processing are transferred to your bank account as a single lump sum deposit. The amount you receive represents the total processing for that day, minus fees.

Viewing details of a transfer

Once a transfer has been submitted you can view the individual payments included in the deposit through your Transfers dashboard. From the dashboard click on a Transfer to open a new page displaying specific details including:

  • Total sales
  • Total fees
  • Balance you received
  • Line items for each payment included in the transfer

Create a bank feed in Xero

Pin Payments offers access to a Xero add-on called SilverSiphon, at no additional cost to you. SilverSiphon connects your Xero and Pin Payments account together and creates a Pin Payments bank feed on your Xero dashboard.

When Pin Payments submits a transfer to your bank account, SilverSiphon will display each of the individual payments from the transfer on the bank feed, ready for you to reconcile. It will also include an entry representing the fees that were charged across the payments.

To get free access to SilverSiphon, visit their website.

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