How do I receive funds from Pin Payments?

This guide will answer the common questions related to receiving funds transfers from Pin Payments.

When do I receive my funds?

Funds will be transferred to your bank account on a daily basis, according to your settlement.

For example, if you have a 3 business day settlement and process a charge on Monday, these funds will be transferred to your bank account on Thursday.

Settlement for foreign currency charges require an additional 2 business days.

Can I ship my customer's order?

Whilst there is a short delay in the funds reaching your bank account, they belong to you throughout the settlement process. If a charge is marked as successful it means the funds have been captured from your customer's credit card and are on their way to you.

We do encourage businesses to be cautious and aware when accepting payments online, ensuring that the customer placing the order is the true cardholder. This assists with protecting your business from unnecessary disputes.

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