How do I receive funds from Pin Payments?

Here are some frequently asked questions about receiving funds from Pin Payments.

When do I receive my funds?

Funds are transferred to your bank account daily, according to your settlement. Default settlement is two business days.

For example, if you process a charge on Monday, these funds will be transferred to your bank account on Wednesday.

If you process a charge on Friday, funds will be transferred to your bank account the following Tuesday.

Foreign currency charges require two additional business days to reach your bank account.

Can I ship my customer's order?

When a charge is marked as successful, the funds have been captured from your customer's card and are on their way to you.

How am I notified about a transfer?

When funds are sent to your bank account through a transfer, a notification is sent to your account's email address.

Where can I view my transfers?

The Transfers page within your dashboard provides visibility into all historical transfers, including listing the individual charges that make up the lump-sum transfer amount.

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