We’re excited to announce the release of our new Merchants API. This feature is invaluable for software platform businesses looking to streamline the provision of card payment capabilities to its customers.

What’s new?

We’ve been helping software platforms such as Obee and ezyCollect embed payment features into their platform for a number of years. Until now, when it came time to create a new Pin Payments account for one of their customers, it had to be done manually through our website.

Our Merchants API steps up our offering by giving partners greater visibility and control, allowing them to:

  1. Create Pin Payments accounts via the API, instead of directing customers to do so from our website.
  2. Know when their customer’s Pin Payments account has been approved and is ready to process payments.
  3. Retrieve information about each account, such as pricing, settings, and payment history.
  4. Operate a customer’s Pin Payments account securely.

How does the Merchants API work with my platform business?

Usually, a business will get started with Pin Payments by completing an application online from our website. The Merchants API allows you to do this all through an API, so you can provide a seamless setup experience for your customer.

You collect the required information about your customer from your platform, and submit a request to the Merchants API to onboard them as a Pin Payments merchant.

Once your customer’s Pin Payments account has been activated, you’re able to use the full suite of Pin Payments APIs to process transactions for them.

Software Platform
New account request
Submit transactions
Request account information
Pin Payments API

Want to know more?

To access our Merchants API, you will need a partner API key—available to approved partners. Contact us to learn about becoming a partner.