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What happens when a subscription renewal fails?

If a customer's subscription renewal fails for any reason we will try again after 1 day, then 2 days later if that fails, and the final attempt is made 6 days after the initial renewal attempt. If this renewal fails, the subscription is cancelled.

Whenever a subscription renewal fails, both you and your customer will receive notification via email. When you are notified of a renewal failure, we recommend inspecting the reason in your Pin Payments dashboard. If it's a Card Declined, or Expired Card, then you're going to need to resolve this by communicating with your customer.


A customer's monthly subscription is due to be automatically renewed on a Monday, however the renewals fails.

  • On Tuesday, a renewal attempt will be made.
  • If the attempt on Tuesday fails, another attempt will be made on Thursday.
  • The final attempt will be made on Sunday.

If any of the renewal attempts are successful, the subsequent attempts will not be made.

Please note

For plans with a renewal interval less than 7 days (e.g. charge $15 every 3 days), if a subscription fails to renew it is cancelled immediately and we will not attempt to charge the card again. For plans with an interval of 7 days or longer we will automatically retry the charge 3 times after the initial failure, as explained above.

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