Following a successful private beta program, today we’re excited to announce the release of Payouts for all Pin Payments merchants.

Payouts is a collection of simple APIs which allow you to push funds to any Australian bank account. Payouts allows businesses to build platforms such as marketplaces and scaled services, and to pay their recipients more efficiently. For example, Netball Australia uses Payouts to automate online membership payment and disbursement across more than 2000 clubs nationally.

Get started.

To get started with Payouts, first set your transfer schedule to manual.

When your transfer schedule is set to manual, charge proceeds are still made available according to your usual settlement schedule. Rather than being automatically sent to you, proceeds will move from your pending balance to your available balance and will accumulate until you send funds using the Transfers API.

Payouts is available now.

Payouts supports transfers to any Australian bank account, and is available to all Pin Payments merchants today!

Learn more about Payouts, read our blog on split payments for B2B platforms, or sign up and get started with Payouts.