Your Pin Payments account now accepts GBP and EUR.

E–commerce in Western Europe is approaching US$300bn [], with the UK accounting for roughly one third of these sales. The region is similar to North America in its proportion of online shoppers, with over 70% of the population having made a purchase on the web. We’re working to help your business address these customers.

Today, Pin Payments supports six currencies: AUD, USD, NZD, SGD, GBP, and EUR. There’s no additional cost or setup to take payments in any of these currencies, they‘re all available when using the API or your dashboard.

We aim to help growing businesses address customers wherever they are. Accepting foreign–currency payments in web and mobile apps used to be costly and difficult, particularly for small or new businesses. With Pin Payments, it’s now easier than ever for Australians to participate in the global growth of online business.

We’ll continue working to bring you more currencies and card types—please contact us with your suggestions, and follow @PinPayments for announcements.